Dear Mei,


I said to the US Gong classmates before I went to Taiwan that the Hwa Tung 花東trip will be the highlight of the entire reunion event.   My thoughts last even after the trip.  It was rather hard for me not to reveal my true feelings about the trip to other classmates at the 12/10 dinner, even though I debated to myself on the train back to Taipei whether or not I should hide my feelings.


To me,  the combined effects of traveling on the train and the three day length of the trip allowed me to interact and communicate with many classmates in a broader and deeper way.  That was more  satisfying than the beautiful scenery.  See; I, you, Jennifer and 季娥 ate many meals together........






Dear Li-Mei


Truly, what it brings really back is the 少女情懷 we shared together.  It may never come again, but it is always inside us any moment, right?


My reunion with college classmate is more often, but seldom as crazy as with Beinu reunion.


The difference could be that we were all young school girls then, and it is the initial time we expose ourselves to the real outside world, including the western influence that coming into Taiwan, like translated literature, English movie, song, and even folk dance, coffee shop..... we were in the pioneer cultural districts in the capital city (!), not to mention that we 儀隊 went abroad for the 1970 EXPO in Osaka during the 戒嚴時期 (amazing), and wearing short skirts.


The theme of the 40 reunion is 努力愛春華 莫忘歡樂時 (it's from 李後主, if I remember correctly. this phrase was written down 題字by 蔣勳 to us when 何美頤and I joined him to a Renaissance Art Trip in Italy during summer 1993, we were 40 then) .   I guess it is equally good for all time.







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